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Welcome to our guesthouse that is suitable both for individual and group holidays

Severka Guesthouse is a fully reconstructed family guesthouse with Wi-Fi in all rooms. Bathrooms are located on individual floors and are common for all rooms on the particular floor. We have one apartment with separate bathroom and toilet.

On the ground floor, there is rooms for storing skis, drying boots, common rooms with TV, games and big dining room with small place for exercising to stretch your body.

You can even rent the entire guesthouse for a closed group.

Directly at Dámská slope

Guesthouse is located in the village of Loučná pod Klínovcem, in forests, directly at Dámská slope, and it is opened all year long. In the past, it was used as military lodging house, then it was reconstructed and operated as a guesthouse. Foresters making owl houses were accommodated here, and that is the reason why the guesthouse is also known as “owl’s nest”.

Latest major reconstruction into todays form was carried out in 2018.

As the guesthouse is located strategically directly at the slope, you can start and stop skiing right at the entrance.

Out of winter season, you can park directly in front of the guesthouse; in winter you can park at a public parking lot located below the Dámská slope approx. 400 m from the guesthouse.